Beginning as a publisher specializing in education and psychology in June, 1992, Hakjisa is currently taking the lead in five different divisions, which include publication of nursing • health • medical areas, development of psychological tests, online download service of academic journals, and on/off-line education service.

Based on writings and researches by great scholars with masters' and doctors' degrees from home and abroad, Hakjisa is leaping forward into a publication media group of education & culture. By popularizing expertise, Hakjisa publisher that studies human mind and cherishes knowledge, is cultivating a flourishing forest of knowledge.

Hakjisa, specialized for academic publishing

Hakjisa has been published as many as 4,000 professional books in the fields of psychology, education, special education, early childhood education, and social welfare that are produced by more than 3,500 professors, along with liberal books for the general public.
Being acknowledged for our efforts of discovering reliable authors and projects of publishing high-quality books, numerous books of Hakjisa is being selected annually as excellent books by 'Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism', and 'The National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea'. In addition, Hakjisa won the Prime Minister's commendation in 2010 year.

Jungdam Media, a publisher specializing in nursing • health • medicine

Jungdam Media has been published around 800 books specialized in the fields of general health that include areas of nursing, physics, and occupational therapy.
Through excellent contents that are produced by professional authors and medical illustrator who are suitable for increased health-care status in South Korea, Jungdam Media is contributing to the academic development of nursing • health • medical fields for the national health.

Inpsyt, a research institute of psychological testing

With prestigious research and development infrastructure that is composed of as many as 200 college professors of psychology, education and medicine, 'Inpsyt' is developing and providing more than 200 standardized tests that include the areas of intelligence, personality, career path, learning ability, creativity, neuropsychology and dementia tests, along with various treatment tools that are needed for psychotherapy and speech therapy.

Newnonmun, an online download service provider of academic papers

Through our website ‘’, Newnonmun is providing online download service of academic journals of well-known domestic associations, along with various secured materials of humanities and social sciences, nursing and health care, technoscience areas.

Counpia, a research institute of remote training

The one and only institution specializing in counseling psychology in our country, Counpia is providing teacher training, which is occupational training for pre-, elementary, middle and high school teachers, and specialized academic courses of counselling psychology for professionals.
To keep pace with the current smart education era, Counpia is growing into a Mecca of expert academic online education through the completion of H-MOOC.